Check out my "Two become One" image in the May 2015 issue of Photographers Forum. And also on featureshoot's Twin edition. 

Fine Art/School Work

As a college student taking photography classes, my main focus with my Photography is my fine art. I have a few series about my experience as a twin. Abstraction art of everyday objects and the body, sexuality issues and social unacceptance.


Documentary Photography

My most recent documentary, Lupus Warrior, based on my diagnosis of Lupus. I am documenting my experience as I grow aware of what my body is doing and how I will be able to adjust to my new lifestyle. I hope to raise awareness and understanding about the disease and how many people affected by Lupus. To help with the project and research, check out the button below. 

Client Work 

Along side my own work, I do shoot portraits, weddings and events, real estate and other odd jobs. I have collaborations of all the work I have done and am allowed to display online. If you are interested you can contact me through the "Contact Us" tab or call the number at the top of the screen.